Early Access

This year Minter opens its doors to early adopters. Register by October 31 and get BIP balance topped up. 100% of the pre-mined BIPs will be distributed among two types of participants:

  • Half is available for purchase: if you need a specific balance, you can request up to 1 million BIPs. Unrequested BIPs will be distributed proportionally among paying participants.
  • Another half of the pre-mine will be distributed among all of the registered participants for free via airdrops and bonuses.

Interaction with the Minter network requires BIPs—tokens that are used to mint coins and validate transactions. Participants who register before October 31 will get ALL of the pre-mined BIPs.

Check your eligibility. Log in with your Telegram Passport and leave an e-mail to receive updates on your application.

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Sign up without Using Telegram Passport.

For more information about the most advanced blockchain in the market, please visit our site about.minter.network

Minter partners with Sum&Substance to provide easy, legally compliant KYC/AML checks via Telegram Passport.

Sumsub is an AI-based technological platform for running KYC/AML procedures online. The company handles tens of thousands of checks every day to make over 300 blockchain projects from across the world compliant with the law.

Friendly KYC Process

KYC check embedded in the Telegram app provides customers with the smoothest and most engaging KYC experience.

Regulators and Banks Approve Sumsub

Sumsub’s KYC checks are 100% transparent and comply with the ever-changing requirements set by the most important international and local financial watchdogs and other regulatory authorities (FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS, GDPR, PDPC Singapore).

Data Protection at the Core

All data transmitted through Telegram is encrypted with a password that only you know, which means that Telegram has no access to the data you store.

Sum&Substance has built the bank-level security. User data is stored, encrypted, and hashed on servers with the highest levels of physical and network security.

For more information, visit sumsub.com